Mechanical Seals & Aerospace Products

QCC’s precision mechanical seals are centralized within our Qualiseal Technology division, which has a specialty focus in the aerospace and defense markets. Qualiseal Technology is synonymous with quality, reliability and design expertise. 

Every time Qualiseal’s parts fly on a commercial flight or military mission, it’s a testament to the division’s design expertise, state-of-the-art processes and equipment, and collaborative approach. In addition to aerospace, Qualiseal provides seals for other markets that require exceptional quality, unmatched reliability, responsive service and consistent on-time delivery and value. Click here to visit the Qualiseal website.

Face Seals

  • Qualiseal designs and produces a variety of mechanical face seal configurations, including Contacting and Non-Contacting Seals and Metal Bellows Seals.

Mating Rings

  • Qualiseal’s Mating Rings and Seal Runners mate with the mechanical seal assembly to provide optimum performance in the most demanding applications.

Circumferential Seals

  • Controlled gap/bushing seals and segmented seals minimize leakage of gases by using a closely controlled clearance between the floating labyrinth ring and a rotating shaft.

Aerospace Components & Assemblies

  • Qualiseal's ability to manufacture precision-machined components and complex assemblies for the aerospace industry provides customers with single-source convenience and helps reduce cost.